Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions?

Westside Future Fund
Phone: 404-793-2670

Where can I mail a donation?

Donations can be mailed to:
Westside Future Fund
PO Box 92273
Atlanta, GA 30314
Please print and fill out this form to send in with your check.

Is my gift safe and secure?

We take information security very seriously and make every reasonable effort to ensure that your on-line transactions at our Web Site our safe. We store personally identifiable data with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect information you may submit on our site. SSL is the industry standard protocol. All off-line information is securely stored and is accessible only by authorized Westside Future Fund staff. You will find the mailing address included on this form as well.

What is a security code?

A security code is a feature on most credit cards to help secure and validate online credit card transactions. It is a three or four-digit number that usually appears on the back of the card on or near the signature block. American Express card users will find it on the front of the card. The security code is not the raised account number on the card. It is typically printed on the card and appears as the last three or four digits after your account number. The security code verifies that you have the card in your possession while making a transaction.

Does Westside Future Fund share my information with third party organizations?

Westside Future Fund is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We will not sell, trade, rent or share your private information with any other group, party or person.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

When you give online, we send a gift acknowledgement which serves as your tax receipt to the email address you provide.

Who do I contact to receive a tax receipt?

Please contact our Gift Processing department at or 404-793-2670 to receive tax receipts

What is a monthly gift or a recurring gift?

A monthly gift is a gift charged to your credit card every month. To create a monthly gift, you decide how much you would like to give every month and we will automatically bill your credit card for this amount.

How do I designate my gift?

When you make a contribution to a specific purpose or program, you are making a designated gift. You may direct your gift to support an area listed on the Designation dropdown menu on our online donation form. If you prefer to target your gift to a program or research effort not listed on the online donation form, please contact us at 404-793-2670 or with information to direct your gift where you prefer.

What is an honor/tribute gift?

An honor/tribute gift is a gift to honor or remember someone. You can make an honor/tribute gift by choosing to make your gift via the Tribute Gift donation form for a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or wedding. In addition, you can make a tribute gift in memory of someone who has passed away.

What is a company matching gift?

Many employers have a matching gift program to help the charitable contributions of their employees go further. So when you give a gift, your employer may make a gift of an equal amount. Learn more here, or contact your human resources office to find out if your company will match your gift to the Westside Future Fund.

How do I make a gift of securities?

The staff at the Westside Future Fund will work with you to develop a charitable giving plan that meets your long-term financial goals and estate planning needs. Contact us at 404-793-2670 or to get started.

How do I put the Westside Future Fund in my will or part of my estate plan?

To make a gift of securities, either transfer your securities from a brokerage account to the organization’s account or send them to us with a cover note, including under separate cover a signed stock or bond power form. Contact us at 404-793-2670 or to discuss further.