Impact Areas

Forging pathways for Westside residents to live in a safe, healthy and vibrant community.

Key research indicates that thriving communities excel along seven dimensions. Our work is focused on four: quality mixed-use housing and income, safety and security, cradle to career education, and community health and wellness.

These four areas are proven to have the most immediate impact and will lay the foundation for other initiatives. Progress will be measured according to the “success indicators” outlined under each key area. This page will be updated as milestones are reached or new data is available.

Mixed-Income Communities

The neighborhoods’ rich history lives within its residents. To restore the strength of these historic neighborhoods, we must ensure that current residents are able to stay here for generations to come. This will be possible through quality mixed-income housing, which helps to support families, nurture community, stimulate local businesses and attract new residents.

Safety & Security

A strong community starts with residents feeling safe. Neighborhoods thrive when residents can walk to school, work, parks or stores and when they know and trust those who protect and serve them.

Cradle to Career Education

To truly transform the Westside neighborhoods and ensure Atlanta remains competitive as a source of talent for years to come, we must prepare the next generation of Atlantans for a brighter future – that all starts with access to high-quality education as well as support for current residents through services such as skills assessments, training and job readiness preparation.

Partner Projects Supporting Our Mission

Community Health & Wellness

The connection between a community’s economic health and the health of its residents has been proven time and time again. By providing access to wellness facilities and quality parks and greenspace in Westside neighborhoods, residents can get – and stay – healthier.

Partner Projects Supporting Our Mission