August 21st Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Yolanda Owens, CEO & Founder, iwi fresh

The devotional message for the August 21st Summit was delivered by Yolanda Owens, Owner and “Skincare Chef” at iwi fresh Farm-to-Skin Spa. Owens, a native Westsider, shared a personal and heartfelt message about her experiences as a small business owner during the pandemic. Drawing parallels to Nehemiah’s struggles, Owens described how the pandemic had landed her in a place where she felt hopeless and vulnerable. She then shared about how she was able to find strength and resilience in her community of fellow Castleberry Hill business owners. Owens reflected on that moment as a positive one that allowed her to see firsthand the power of standing together in solidarity with neighbors.

In noting what she sees as one of the greatest opportunities for small business owners, the “builders”, Owens encouraged all of us to “reach back to rebuild.” Rebuilding, for Owens, starts with “moving ourselves out of the way” to, like Nehemiah, be community-minded even in the face of personal challenges.

View the devotion in full below.