August 7th Virtual Transform Westside Summit: Responding to COVID-19 Triple Threat: Health, Unemployment, and Crime

The August 7th Transform Westside Summit brought forward the voices of organizations working tirelessly to serve Westside residents in the wake of what WFF President and CEO, John Ahmann called “the triple threat of COVID-19.” Ahmann was referring to the health, unemployment, and crime crises we are unfortunately witnessing on the Westside at this time. In a slight change from the usual format, this Summit featured a greater number of short segments featuring representatives from Westside-serving nonprofits. The segments with the organizations listed below were intended to spread the word on efforts these groups are leading as well as ways residents can connect to valuable resources and programs.

  • Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF)
    • Offering services and weekend legal clinics virtually
    • One area of near-term focus is eviction prevention
    • For legal and domestic violence assistance, CONTACT: 404-521-0790

  • At-Promise Youth Center
    • Open (with adjusted hours) for youth needing a safe space, along with academic assistance, counseling services, and food
    • Launching “School on the Move” initiative this Fall to support students and families with virtual learning

  • CHRIS 180
    • Counselors and case managers, based out of At-Promise Center, offering behavioral health services and support groups
    • Delivering over 30K meals per week to families in the community
    • Therapists and referrals to other services available via CHRIS 180 HELPLINE:

  • Good Samaritan Health Center
    • COVID-19 rapid testing and telehealth services
    • Affordable, walk-in appointments with healthcare providers
    • CONTACT: 404-523-6571

  • Raising Expectations
    • Supporting students and families with referrals to service providers in the areas of Education, as well as Housing, Financial, and Food Security
    • Rental Assistance available for families with children attending school in APS Washington or Douglass clusters
    • CONTACT: 678-768-4932

  • Westside Future Fund (WFF)
    • WFF’s Home on the Westside program is focused on offering high-quality, affordable rental and home purchase opportunities and housing support to families
    • FOR INFORMATION: click here

The Summit also featured a special message from Dr. Eloisa Klementich, President & CEO of Invest Atlanta. Dr. Klementich spoke about Invest Atlanta’s work to distribute $22M in CARES Act funding—an unprecedented amount—to support small businesses in recovering from the effects of COVID-19 through its new Resurgence Grant program.

Dr. Eloisa Klementich, President & CEO, Invest Atlanta speaks about the Resurgence Grant Fund at the Aug. 7th Virtual Transform Westside Summit.

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