“Building momentum At Hollis Innovation Academy” by Dr. Beverly D. Tatum

We consider some of our greatest partners in this work to be the prominent Atlanta leaders who serve on the Westside Future Fund board, like Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, the author of this week’s Saporta Report piece.

Dr. Tatum, like many of our board members, not only brings her professional expertise, but also her keen awareness of the culture and character of the historic Westside. Having led Spelman College for 13 years, she is intimately familiar with the community and injects compassion into every action of her service.

We are fortunate to have her leadership, along with that of fellow board member Sylvia Russell, in driving the development of Westside Future Fund’s cradle-to-career education strategy. Thanks to the combined efforts and collaboration of many across the various sectors of our city, we have already seen gains within this impact area, which Dr. Tatum illuminates in her piece below.



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