Carver College Students Support Atlanta’s Historic Westside Through Volunteering

At Carver College, students are trained to transform as the school’s motto states. Dedicated to equipping students for a lifetime of ministry, Carver focuses on training that transforms its students’ hearts first and then equips them to train and transform the hearts of others. That’s exactly what Carver students are doing across Atlanta’s Historic Westside – helping transform the neighborhoods so near and dear to their hearts.

Many Carver students are dedicated members of the Westside Volunteer Corps, which was established to create opportunities for individuals from across Atlanta to join forces with Westside residents to revitalize Atlanta’s Historic Westside. Carver students enjoy partnering with Westside Future Fund (WFF) and regularly participate in monthly Days of Service.

“We’ve been serving the community for more than 60 years,” Jessy Haynes, Carver senior and member of the men’s basketball team, said of his school. “We’re just grateful for the opportunity to serve.”

Through a variety of one-time and ongoing volunteer projects, the Westside Volunteer Corps works to strengthen community nonprofits and expand their impact with a consistent injection of human capital, like the student volunteers from Carver.

“Our [college] president is really big on volunteering, and his desire is that we all give back,” Carver women’s basketball associate head coach Antwannet Thomas said. “He speaks very highly of Westside Future Fund and its efforts to support the neighborhood we all came from.”

Antwannet believes community service plays an important role at the college. “The simple act of giving back and doing something not just for yourself but that impacts someone else automatically has an impact on you as a person as well,” she said.

A graduate of Carver, Antwannet works alongside her father, James Thomas, head coach of Carver’s women’s basketball team. The coaching duo seeks to foster personal growth for players both on and off the court, particularly through service and community engagement. As part of these efforts and in addition to their involvement with the Westside Volunteer Corps, Antwannet and 18 Carver student athletes recently attended WWF’s Transform Westside Summit.

“I definitely enjoyed it,” she said. “I had not officially been to a Summit before, but to be there and get a firsthand look at exactly what it’s about was a great experience.”

According to Antwannet, Carver is looking forward to what’s ahead in its continued partnership with WFF. As she heads into her third season as associate head coach, Antwannet is proud of the talented, service-oriented women she has on her team. “We’re here to support, to volunteer and to give our services wherever they’re needed.”

Interested in getting involved with WFF and serving with the Westside Volunteer Corps? Click here to register for the next Day of Service.