Central Atlanta Progress’ AJ Robinson on the #PowerofWE

Thanks to AJ Robinson, president of Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), for this week’s column.

Founded in 1941, CAP is a member-based not-for-profit advocating on behalf of a vibrant Downtown Atlanta. As the leader of CAP, AJ has been a long-time advocate of greater connectivity between Downtown economic vibrancy and the historic westside neighborhoods.

An example of this is the Westside Tax Allocation District. Nearly all the tax proceeds are generated by businesses in Downtown Atlanta but 20% of the proceeds must be spent west of Northside. Historically, much of the housing in the neighborhoods originally developed as housing for workers at factories in Downtown Atlanta, when it was a manufacturing hub served by the railroads. The Westside Future Fund (WFF), as part of its cradle-to-career impact strategy, is intentional about connecting residents on the westside to Downtown job opportunities, many more of which will be coming thanks to the resurgence of Downtown Atlanta.

I have had the good fortune of working with AJ Robinson for nearly 20 years, and as a leader he is a true living example of the spirit “the more we, the more I can do,”. On behalf of the WFF, we are grateful for the strong working partnership with CAP.

John Ahmann, President and CEO, Westside Future Fund 


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