Chick-fil-A’s Commitment to Health & Wellness on the Westside: A Conversation with Rodney Bullard

Chick-fil-A‘s Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Executive Director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation, Rodney Bullard, joined the October 16th Virtual Transform Westside Summit via a prerecorded interview to discuss how Chick-fil-A is giving back to Atlanta’s Historic Westside community. Bullard spoke on the relationship between Chick-fil-A and the Westside Future Fund, noting that Chick-fil-A “recognized early on that the Westside Future Fund was a catalyst for change on the Westside.” While speaking about Chick-fil-A’s commitment to actively supporting the Westside’s most vulnerable residents, Bullard expressed how important it is to show up through corporate volunteerism.

Bullard also highlighted the support which Chick-fil-A provides to Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy‘s health center in an effort to invest in community health and wellness on the Westside.

See Rodney Bullards full interview below.

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