Community Spotlight: Breshae Sanders

Breshae Sanders has a clear vision for what she wants to see in the future, for both herself and her community. As a current eighth grade student at Centennial Academy, Sanders spends much of her free time at school in the Beta Club, the orchestra, and as a Student Ambassador. Her favorite subject is Science, and in her own words, she wants to “be in the medical field and own my own business helping doctors get better at their careers.”

In fact, Breshae has already begun to prioritize helping others in her life and has made volunteering at the Bellwood Boys & Girls Club the centerpiece of how she’s currently makes a difference in her community. Her daily after school volunteer duties at Bellwood include checking people in at the front desk, helping other students with their homework, and assisting the staff wherever they might need her. The Boys & Girls Club has played an integral role in Sanders’ life from early on—she first started going to Bellwood when she was five years old, and now that she’s a teenager she knows she’s a role model for the younger kids.

“I have a lot of kids that I don’t know, they come over to me and they ask me questions,” she says. “Or they’re always talking to me about issues or problems that they have. I’m there to give advice; I’m like a big sister.”

In addition to her daily activities, Sanders also had the chance to participate in creating the mural at Bellwood that now adorns one of the outside walls. This mural, let by artist Joe Dreher, allowed the students to participate over a few months during the Summer and have input into the creative process.


And while Bellwood is a second home to her, Sanders is quick to point out how much she loves the entire community. For her, community means “a ‘home away from home’…you’re home but you’re not necessarily at home. It’s a loving area where everyone is basically like a family to you.”

Looking ahead, her future plans include getting ready for high school next year where she hopes to continue playing the violin in the orchestra and perfecting her Spanish. And as far the community, she has high hopes as well:

“I hope to see more kids in the neighborhood,” she says. “I hope to see more play grounds. I hope to see more places like the Boys & Girls Club and the At-Promise [Youth] Center.”

Breshae Sanders pictured with her mother, Renee Sanders, at their English Avenue home.

And while she cites her mom, Renae, as her biggest role model, it’s easy to see that Breshae is well on her way to becoming a role model in her Westside community and at the Bellwood Boys & Girls Club for many years to come.