“Fast 5” from the Westside’s On the Rise Financial Center

On the Rise Financial Center opened its doors to the Westside in April 2017 and is proud to have helped many families and businesses in a few short months. Together with its credit union partners, the Center is providing financial education and affordable products to families and businesses in the Vine City, English Avenue, and Castleberry communities.

Its goal is to improve the financial health and wellness of residents in the area, which in turn will help this historic part of Atlanta become a thriving, resilient place for years to come. To get ahead of the holiday season, the Center has prepared a short list of five financial tips to help Westside residents maintain and grow their financial portfolios.

1. Keep your credit usage under 30%. By spending less than a third of the limit on your credit card, you are able to help boost your credit score.
2. Pay all bills on time. Some creditors only report delinquent payment history, which means that not paying bills on time can really hurt your credit score.
3. Be careful about teaser offers. The annual percentage rates (APRs) often increase by 25% after the introductory period ends.
4. Keep your oldest credit card open. If you’re able to manage your oldest credit card, it generally pays to keep it open since it accounts for approximately 35% of your credit score.
5. Wait to purchase items. Emotional, impulsive spending is often the main reason that individuals find themselves in debt. Waiting a day can make all the difference.

Visit ontherisefc.org to take advantage of Center programs, which include financial counseling, individualized coaching, educational workshops, and classes.

Registration is now open for the  next series of Financial Awareness Stability Training (FAST) classes. The Center welcomes anyone who is interested in learning ways to increase savings, decrease debt and improve their credit score.

About the Center: The Center is an initiative of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (the Federation) in partnership with local credit unions, 1st Choice CU, BOND Community FCU, Credit Union of Atlanta, and Peach State FCU. The Center is made possible through the support of Equifax, the Arthur M. Blank Foundation, and Invest Atlanta.