Historic Westside News: August/September edition

Every month, we look forward to a new edition of the community-driven Historic Westside News (HWN), and this month is no exception!

It’s been a busy summer for the Westside, but you won’t feel as if you’ve missed a beat as you read through the pages of HWN’s August/September issue.

From the in-depth coverage of community events, like this edition’s feature on English Avenue’s “National Night Out” event, to the thoughtful, insightful columns uncovering some of the opportunities, issues, challenges and stories of inspiration that exist within the Historic Westside community, HWN strives to bring the most relevant neighborhood updates to the community on a regular basis.

We are grateful for the community members who continue to make this publication a priority and who, month after month, produce quality content that is delivered right to our doorsteps.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue as much as we have!


Click here to read the August/September edition
of the Historic Westside News.

About The Historic Westside News: The Historic Westside News publication was an initiative that arose from the community’s desire to produce an expanded version of the West End and NPU-L Historic Westside newsletters, ensuring the connectivity of Atlanta Historic Westside communities and creating a space for uncensored community voices. In 2016, the community vision received support and funding from the City of Atlanta’s Living Cities City Accelerator grant that was awarded to increase civic engagement in the Westside neighborhoods and realize their collective vision.