June 19th Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Reverend Marcus T. Watkins

Reverend Marcus T. Watkins, Head Pastor at Simpson Street Church of Christ in Vine City delivered the devotion to open last week’s Transform Westside Summit. Rev. Watkins offered a word of encouragement to Summit viewers in recognition of the turbulent times we are all now experiencing.

The essence of Rev. Watkins’ message was captured in his declaration that “Joy is an inside job.” Watkins explained that during and in spite of the “pandemic and pandemonium” happening around us, true joy is still possible. He asserted that this is because joy is not circumstantial, but rather the result of having “the right connection with God.” Watkins referenced passages from the book of Isaiah and the book of Peter in the Bible to illustrate this point. He also put forward the linkages between righteousness, justice, and peace as grounding for his optimism, highlighting MLK’s emphasis of similar ideas. Rev. Watkins’ devotion included two additional, clear messages for viewers; that “God will make a way, but often times He uses us to make a path,” and to “Stay strong, stay focused, and always hold to God’s unchanging hand.”

View Reverend Watkins’ message in its entirety here.

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