March 19th Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Rev. Dr. Gregory V. Eason, Sr.

The March 19th Virtual Transform Westside Summit started with a stirring and instructional devotion from Reverend Dr. Gregory V. Eason, Sr. of Flipper Temple A.M.E. Church, located at 580 Atlanta Student Movement Blvd.

Drawing inspiration from the Bible’s Book of Nehemiah, Rev. Eason’s message of “Rebuilding Spirits and Structures” referenced the efforts to rebuild Jerusalem in parallel with those to revitalize Atlanta’s Historic Westside into a thriving and equitable community.

“The physical conditions of the community paralleled the spiritual conditions of God’s people,” he said—noting that to move forward in attaining spiritual, emotional, and fiscal well being as well as good living conditions, we must have a “heartfelt concern” for the everyday residents who call the Westside home.

Rev. Eason expressed candidly that no genuine effort to bring equity to the community can happen while overlooking the need for affordable housing, livable wages, quality education, and proper healthcare. According to the reverend, revitalizing the Westside requires more than lip service and unsubstantial gestures. It demands tangible, measurable change delivered with what some may call divine fervor.

God’s place is right there among God’s children who are struggling for a quality education…for that parent who is trying to keep food on the table for their children. God’s place is right there and right here in the Westside community.”

Watch Rev. Eason’s devotion in its entirety below: