March 5th Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Pastor John Onwuchekwa

John Onwuchekwa, Pastor of Cornerstone Church and Owner of Portrait Coffee, opened the March 5th Virtual Transform Westside Summit with a vibrant devotion. Drawing inspiration from the Bible’s book of Nehemiah, Pastor O offered parallels¬† between the efforts to rebuild Jerusalem and bringing equitable economic vitality to Atlanta’s Historic Westside.

This is not a tale of grand gestures,” said Pastor O, “this is a tale of acorns and oak trees.”

Offering praises to fellow community members Tangee Allen and Maria Armstrong, Co-founders of Raising Expectations, Pastor O emphasized the power of everyday people working in obscurity to uplift those around them.

If an acorn is okay to leave from a position of comfort and labor in obscurity for two decades, inside of that acorn is not just the potential to produce an oak tree … inside one acorn is the potential to litter an entire continent with oak trees.”

See Pastor O’s full devotion below.