May 1st Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Pastor Eric Vickers

Rev. Eric Vickers, Senior Pastor of Beulah Baptist Church, delivered a captivating devotional message at the May 1st Virtual Transform Westside Summit. Pastor Vickers, drawing inspiration from the book of John in the Bible, spoke to the tremendous resolve of Atlanta’s Westside community as residents continue to uplift and support one another throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If we are to be true disciples of Jesus Christ,” said Pastor Vickers, “here’s what it means for us: It means that we are to care for the sheep; that we are to push for policies that protect people; that we are to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.”

The reverend’s words came just one week after Gov. Brian Kemp’s controversial order to reopen the state’s economy. In his closing remarks, Pastor Vickers emphasizes “that’s a word not only for pastors, but for all of those who care about love and mercy and justice and goodwill.”

Pastor Vickers, affirmed as under-shepherd in 2016, continues the work of amplifying the intergenerational Beulah worship experience, emphasizing technological modernization and undergirding the food, clothing, health, and housing outreach ministries of the historic church.

View Rev. Eric Vickers’s devotional message in the video below beginning at minute 20:55.