May 7th Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Rev. Shalise Steele-Young

Rev. Shalise Steele-Young, Founder & CEO of Repairer of the Breach International Ministries, Inc., offered the devotional message at the May 7th Virtual Transform Westside Summit. A Vine City resident, Rev. Steele-Young shared an inspiring message with summit attendees while standing in front of The Seeds that are Planted by Joseph McKinney, a Westside mural featuring her late husband and beloved Atlanta Councilman, Ivory Lee Young, Jr. Drawing from the Bible’s Book of Nehemiah, the reverend drew parallels between the efforts to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem with those to revitalize the Historic Westside into a community of equity for all legacy residents.

She noted, “extreme poverty, poor academic achievement, substance abuse and overall systemic racism over the past several decades have been the enemies of progress for many of the residents of the Westside of Atlanta—particularly Vine City and the English Avenue communities.”

Speaking about the true potential of Historic Westside residents and the qualities they embody, Rev. Steele-Young had several words come to mind: “resilience, tenacity, perseverance, patience, hope and faith.”

In closing Rev. Steele-Young challenged all residents and stakeholders of the Westside do all that is within their power to continue to uplift and support the entire community.

See Rev. Steele-Young’s entire devotion below: