NCR Invests in Cradle-to-Career Education on the Westside: A Conversation with Yvonne Whitaker

The October 16th Virtual Transform Westside Summit featured an interview with NCR Foundation Administrator, Yvonne Whitaker. Speaking with Westside Future Fund’s Chief Development Officer, Cristel Williams, Whitaker highlights NCR’s commitment to “Advance Technology through STEAM and STEM Education.”

Students at Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy learn robotics.

NCR Foundation’s support of WFF’s Cradle-to-Career impact area is rooted in NCR’s commitment to the diversification of the technology industry. Through financial contributions and volunteerism, NCR Foundation hopes to see more inclusivity in a field which will continue to lead America’s economy for the foreseeable future. Whitaker praised Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy for becoming a STEM Certified school, as future leaders of the technology industry may very well be the young minds being cultivated on Atlanta’s Westside today.

See Yvonne Whitaker’s full interview below.

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