October 16th Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Zavier Warner

Zavier Warner offered a heartfelt devotional message at the October 16th Virtual Transform Westside Summit. Drawing from the story of Nehemiah in The Bible, Warner paralleled the effort to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem with the need to build a new and better future for young people in Atlanta’s Historic Westside. Zavier expressed that when it comes to changing the unfavorable economic conditions which many Westside residents continue to face, the problem must be tackled “head on” by “making specific plans to correct them immediately.”

Zavier Warner, Westside Youth Program Participant, At-Promise Center

Zavier recalled his tumultuous eight months of homelessness and wrongful incarceration, highlighting how Chris 180 and the At-Promise Center offered him the support he needed to rebuild himself just as Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Through the “genuine love” he received from Chris 180, the At-Promise Center, therapy, and Westside Future Fund, Zavier could walk confidently into his own brighter future. Reflecting on his peers who still face dire circumstances, Zavier quoted from Nehemiah, “sometimes we are afraid to ask other people to support God’s work for fear of being turned down,” emphasizing that help is available for Westside residents experiencing different forms of adversity. Having overcome so many of his own struggles guided Zavier to realizing what he feels is his purpose, and now he is helping illuminate a better path for others to follow as well.

See Zavier Warner’s full devotional message below.

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