October 7th Transform Westside Summit Devotion: AP Thompson, Director of Community Initiatives for CHRIS 180

AP Thompson, Director of Community Initiatives for CHRIS 180, opened with a quick gospel serenade as he delivered the October 7th devotion at Westside Future Fund’s Transform Westside Summit. Thompson referenced the story of David and Goliath as he spoke on identifying and tackling challenges as a community:

You are unique. You are one of a kind. The creator of the universe has custom made you. Nobody has what you have. You have to be confident in who God made you to be. You are the right size. You have the right looks. You have the right personalities and gifts. You have exactly what you need for where you are. However insignificant your sling and five stones may seem, they’re more than enough for a Goliath.”

Catch the full devotion below.