Progress from the Collective Effort: An Update on Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park

Long-time English Avenue resident Kathryn Johnston was officially honored by city officials, park-creators and community members on Thursday, Nov. 21. Exactly 13 years prior, Atlanta police officers acting on a no-knock warrant (later determined to be based on false information) fatally gunned down the 92-year-old Johnston.

Her sacrifice, as officials noted this week, “will be memorialized within Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park and will serve as a constant reminder of the ongoing efforts to ensure that Atlantans not only remember her contributions to her community but also continue to work toward the prevention of future tragedies.”

This “Park with Purpose” was imagined and created with many community partners including The Conservation Fund, Park Pride, and the City of Atlanta. Its design centers on green infrastructure, which will facilitate up to 3.5 million gallons of stormwater management each year. The community also enjoys a new playground, fitness stations and seating terrace.