Resident Spotlight: Q&A with Vine City’s Linda Adams

Meet Vine City’s Linda Adams. For more than 20 years, the Historic Westside has been lucky enough to call Ms. Adams a resident – or better yet a neighbor. In fact, there may not be a better example of a good neighbor than Ms. Adams.

Her love and compassion for her community and the people in it can be felt and seen. On any given day you can find her in service or support. Whether it’s serving on the board of the Vine City Civic Association, advocating at a public meeting, driving the senior center van, spearheading her own events for her fellow community members or just enjoying Westside mainstays with her family and friends, her presence is ever present.

In our Q&A below, Ms. Adams talks about her work in the community, her excitement for the upcoming Super Bowl and, of course, her hope for the Westside. Enjoy!


How long have you been a Westside resident? Over 20 years.

What was one of your favorite Westside moments/events from 2018? All of the seniors’ events, the youth soccer team games, the groundbreaking of the Oasis at Vine City Senior Facility as well as all of the other development that will make a big impact and improve the Vine City community. Westside On The RISE!

Adams with fellow residents at Westside Volunteer Corps’ “Senior Prom” in 2018.

What is your involvement in the community? I sponsor an afterschool program, a community soccer team, and a girls program called “I Feel Pretty.” I’m also working with the seniors through the Westside Seniors on the Rise. I also continue to be involved with the [Vine City] community association.

Why have you chosen to be engaged in your community? I like to give back and assist families in improving their quality of life.

You’ve focused a lot in the last year on events for Westside seniors. What were they and why have you felt it important to bring these types of events to the community? Our seniors should not be forgotten. Some seniors do not have family members, and they look up to others who care and can assist them. We had several events last year: Valentine’s Luncheon, Mother’s Day Spa Day, Seniors & Youth Fashion/Hat Show and a Christmas luncheon (images from the 2018 Christmas Luncheon below).

You were recently gifted tickets to Super Bowl 53 in recognition of your service to the community. How did you feel about receiving the honor? Shocked! Can’t wait for the exciting day. I plan to attend every event and activity. A day I will not forget and can share with my 3-year-old great granddaughters.

Video courtesy of Westside on the Rise and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.  

What do you love most about the Historic Westside community? The history. I’m glad to be part of the improvements. This community has been forgotten for a long time, but changes and improvements are coming.

Any upcoming events you’d like to share? February 14 Seniors’ Luncheon, May Senior Spa Day and Youth Spring Break Week in April.

What is your hope for the Westside?  More residents taking pride in where they live. Get more involved in the community.


Cover photo courtesy of Westside on the Rise.