Rising out of Trauma with the Help of the Westside Empowerment Center: A Conversation with LaDonna Jackson

Westside resident LaDonna Jackson sat down with Craig Lucie, Owner of Lucie Content and Former WSB-TV News Anchor, and Tameka Askew, Ms. Jackson’s first caseworker, to share how CHRIS 180‘s Westside Empowerment Center has improved her life.

Tameka Askew, Caseworker at Westside Empowerment Center embraces LaDonna Jackson, program participant.

Jackson’s story is an emotionally moving testament to the resiliency of the human spirit and to the impact of CHRIS 180’s Westside Empowerment Center. A life reclaimed from trauma, depression, domestic abuse, and 10 years of homelessness underscores the metamorphosis that residents facing similar adversity can achieve with help from the Westside Empowerment Center, which will soon open its new offices at the Quest Westside Impact Center.

View LaDonna Jackson’s story below.