Summit Recap – Believe Atlanta Celebrates 1st Anniversary

On January 17, Westside Future Fund welcomed back AT&T Georgia President Venessa Harrison and her team to help kick off the first Transform Westside Summit of 2020, part of  a celebration of the inaugural anniversary of the Believe Atlanta corporate volunteer initiative.

An extension of the company-wide initiative, AT&T Believes, Believe Atlanta helps connect the 15,000 men and women of AT&T in Atlanta with community leaders and organizations with the shared goal of helping to tackle the socio-economic chronic challenges that Atlanta’s Historic Westside residents face.

Last year, the Summit hosted the launch of Believe Atlanta with a screening of the winning entries of the Westside Storytelling Competition written and directed by Westside youth.

Sylvia Russell, former AT&T Georgia President and a member of WFF Board of Directors interviewed Harrison about the impact of the initiative.

Ms. Harrison said: “The AT&T Believe initiative is an initiative where we are working with local projects, trying to help pave the pathway for better futures, especially for our young people, but for the communities, our neighbors, you know, other organizations. “

She underscored AT&T’s commitment to Atlanta’s Westside and how the company is helping to support a more thriving community.

“We started doing that through Westside Future Fund,” Harrison continued. “And through the WFF, we aligned our Believe initiative with that because it was focused on the Westside. The whole goal of it is to help increase economic mobility for people so that they can have a better future.”

Vanessa Harrison, John Ahmann, and Sylvia Russell

From left: Venessa Harrison, President of AT&T Georgia; John Ahmann, President/CEO of Westside Future Fund; Sylvia Russell, Former President of AT&T Georgia