Summit Spotlight: Sandra Bush

This month, our spotlight Summit attendee is Booker T. Washington neighborhood resident Sandra Bush. A Transform Westside Summit regular, Sandra sat down with us to share her take on our July 7 Summit.

Watch below to learn more about Sandra’s Westside Story, why she continues to attend Summit meetings and her hope for the Westside.


Tell us your “Westside Story.”

I have a lot of memories in this neighborhood. Now that I’m retired, I am still involved in a lot of community activities…”

What do you think makes the Westside such a unique place to live?

We have lush green shrubbery and trees, and we need that. I like the architecture of the houses, and I like my neighbors…”

How did you first hear about the Transform Westside Summits?

I learned about the Summit through my NPU (Neighborhood Planning Unit) President… I feel that I need to be involved as a taxpayer and citizen of the city, to have my voice heard about changes taking place that impact my community.”

What was your biggest take away from the July 7th Summit presentation from the Trust for Public Land? 

It is imperative that residents understand the impact of flooding on their area and learn how we can approach it in a smart way. I enjoyed [the Summit]. It provided information that I was not aware of.”

As a Westside resident and active community member, how have you benefited from the Summits?

I’ve made some new contacts with representatives of various non-profits, as well as the history of this neighborhood that they were not aware of. It has been a two-way street when it comes to attending the Westside Summit and the benefits you receive.”

What is your hope for the Westside?

I would hope that the newcomers to the Westside would be a diverse group of families that can share in the cultural values and history of our neighborhood.”