Summit Spotlight: Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Mamie Lee Moore,
 Founder and Coordinator
 of The Beloved Community, Inc.

The March 6 Transform Westside Summit devotion was led by Mamie Lee Moore, Founder and Coordinator
 of The Beloved Community, Inc.

Mamie Lee Moore, English Avenue resident and Founder/Coordinator of The Beloved Community, Inc. leads Transform Westside Summit devotion.

Moore, an English Avenue resident, began devotion with an opening prayer:

“Holy Spirit, quiet our minds, Jehovah. Open up our hearts, minds, and souls to receive all that you have for us. God of revelation, remove all things that would block us from feeling, seeing, and hearing you.”

Continuing with the morning devotion’s theme of “Building the Beloved Community: The Alternative to Gentrification,” Moore spoke to the necessity of placing one’s ego aside in order to bring to fruition the promise of The Beloved Community.

“I can’t be used to build The Beloved Community, the alternative to gentrification, unless I remove my rubbish,” says Moore.

In bringing devotion to a close, Moore offered a final prayer:

“God, I thank you for being at my side even in those moments when I think I can do it all by myself. God, I pray that I will become better at getting out of my own way and letting you in. And, father God, I add that this prayer and whatever you have used me to put out today will bless those that are in this room, those that need revival to do the work, those that need a new hope and a new place to believe to do the work. It’s in the precious name of Jesus that I pray. Amen.”