Viewpoint: “How would Martin Luther King challenge our revitalization efforts?” by John Ahmann

Check out Westside Future Fund Executive Director John Ahmann’s op-ed in this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle.

“How would Martin Luther King challenge our revitalization efforts?”

“Like so many, I take strength and inspiration from the life and dreams of Dr. King. One of our only ten national holidays honors him. This Jan. 15, if he were alive and living in his Sunset home, I wonder what he might say.”

“I suspect if Dr. King were to walk his neighborhood, his heart would anguish at the plight he would see. He no doubt would note our progress, but I am sure would also challenge us to do much more.”

Ahmann (center) with Atlanta City Councilmember Ivory Young, Jr. and urban planner Jesse Wiles in front of Dr. King’s adult home in Vine City. The three stood here shortly after the City’s adoption of the Westside Future Fund-sponsored Westside Land Use Plan, which includes significant measures to combat displacement of legacy residents in the Westside’s four historic neighborhoods.

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