Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with LeBronze Williams

LeBronze Williams, President & CEO of Ground Level Impact, delivered an inspirational and reflective devotion at the March 20 Virtual Transform Westside Summit. Williams began the segment with a faith-based message of hope and conviction while addressing the current COVID-19 crisis—a message many would surely find comfort in as it rang aloud with uplifting tones of resilience that are perfectly summarized in four simple words: “this too shall pass.”

Speaking to the theme that Atlanta’s Westside and the greater global community are experiencing a moment of allostasis amid the global health state of emergency, Williams encouraged Westside community members of faith to stand firmly in their beliefs that things will ultimately work out just fine, as most look forward to breathing the oh so anticipated sighs of relief of knowing that everyday life has finally reclaimed its sense of normalcy.

Williams, a skilled keyboardist, went on to accompany vocalist and Ground Level Impact VP of Assurance, Sarah Williams, as the musical pair performed a rendition of the gospel classic, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” Devotion was then brought to a close with a prayer offered by Ground Level Impact VP of Transport, Joseph Coleman. View the March 20 Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion and more in the video below.