Westside Rise & Vibe ft. Artist, Writer, Creator and Advocate, ItsChief

Closing the June 18th Virtual Transform Westside Summit was Westside Rise & Vibe’s featured artist, ItsChief, rapper, songwriter, and epilepsy awareness advocate. Westside Rise & Vibe (#RiseVibeATL) is a platform for local creatives to showcase their gifts, expand their audiences, and network, all while strengthening a sense of community!

ItsChief and son pose at the Juneteenth 2021 Virtual Transform Westside Summit.

His musical roots being in the church, ItsChief has his family to thank for introducing him to the art of recording music as a child. Diagnosed with epilepsy, ItsChief uses his platform as a Hip Hop artist to spread awareness about epilepsy and its effects. You can follow ItsChief’s journey on his Instagram @ItsChief or by checking out his Website ItsChiefWorld.com where you can get all of his amazing merch!

Click to watch the ItsChief’s performance below!