$50,000 Home Depot Grant Helps Westside Future Fund Provide Quality Amenities for Multifamily Properties & Atlanta Police Foundation Recruit Housing

Westside Future Fund (WFF) is grateful to Home Depot for providing a $50,000 grant to support our signature program, Home on the Westside. WFF has used the funds to provide key upgrades to our multifamily properties. Additionally, a portion of the funds went to providing upgrades to rental units for Atlanta Police Department (APD) recruits via a partnership between WFF and the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF). Upgrades included new appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves.

APF reached out to WFF about potential housing resources for trainees due to space limitations at their recruit housing complex – Unity Place, which includes housing for 30 recruits. WFF currently provides four rental units for recruits at an affordable rate, and in exchange WFF has an on-site APD courtesy officer at the same property where the recruits are housed.  This partnership supports the mission of APF’s Secure Neighborhoods program.

“This collaboration with WFF allowed us to continue our number one mission, which is to make Atlanta the safest city by assisting the Atlanta Police Department in ensuring the safety of our citizens, helping officers to live in the city, and serve in the communities they live in,” said Curtislene Bass, Director, APF Officer Support Programs

APF and WFF have existing partnerships including the Westside Blue program and a Courtesy Officer program, which provides courtesy officers for some WFF-owned properties in exchange for housing, at a reduced cost, for Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers.

“The funding from Home Depot allowed us to make key upgrades to our multifamily properties and continue our mission of providing quality, affordable housing for our residents,” said Charles Forde, WFF’s Director of Real Estate Finance & Asset Management who designed the partnership. “Additionally, being able to provide these upgrades and design this partnership with APF helps us to provide security for our residents, and properties, while also fostering stronger bonds with local police and the community.”

The partnership will continue through the fall of 2023.