A Big Year on the Horizon for Home on the Westside

A big year is in the works for Westside Future Fund’s (WFF) Home on the Westside program as we plan to complete 45 affordable homes in the community by the end of 2023.

The plans include 33 rental units across five multi-family properties and 12 single family homes. All of the properties are located within the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods, including several single family homes on the blocks surrounding Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park.

In addition to the homes set to complete this year, WFF plans to break ground on three high-quality, affordable multi-family properties in English Avenue that will deliver 83 new rental units by the end of 2024.

These projects are only the beginning. Thanks to critical community support, WFF has acquired land holdings to support an additional 150 single-family homes and more than 150 units of multi-family housing. Many of these properties include blighted and vacant lots that WFF maintains with the intent to develop in the immediate future.

This spring, our Home on the Westside program will welcome new homeowners Shawn and Auna who are closing on their new two-story constructions at 852 and 854 Proctor Street respectively. They join fellow new homeowner Steven who closed and moved into 850 Proctor Street in December 2022.

The three new homes line the block of Proctor Street adjacent to Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park. All three new homeowners are legacy residents of the Westside with deep roots in the community, with some going back to their childhood.

The Home on the Westside program provides legacy residents with access to housing to keep them in the community they know and love. By retaining these legacy residents, the community retains not only its history and culture but also those passionate for its future.