Celebrating National Homeownership Month with Westside Future Fund

As we commemorate National Homeownership Month, Westside Future Fund (WFF) takes pride in celebrating the strides we’ve made in transforming lives and communities through our Home on the Westside (HOTW) program. Last year, we  celebrated significant milestones that underscore our commitment to providing high-quality housing and financial stability to residents with deep ties to the historic Westside neighborhoods.

Progress and Achievements

WFF’s Home on the Westside (HOTW) program has connected numerous residents with essential resources for renting, buying, or retaining homes within our service footprint. The program’s success is evident in the availability of new single-family and multifamily properties, offering residents more housing options that meet their needs.

A standout achievement is the impact of the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund (ADTF), which provided critical support to over 130 longtime residents since its creation. By offsetting the rising property taxes, ADTF has enabled these residents to continue living in their homes without the financial burden of increased taxes, ensuring stability and continuity in our community.

New Developments and Renovations

Three new multifamily developments in the English Avenue area introduced 21 high-quality one- and two-bedroom units in 2023. These developments reflect our dedication to creating affordable and attractive housing options for legacy residents that enhance the neighborhood’s appeal and vibrancy. Each of these properties are designed with high-quality materials and appliances. 

WFF is also proud to have celebrated 10 home closings with new homeowners who have live, work, or learn connections to the Westside neighborhoods with an average of $42,188 in downpayment assistance. These new homeowners represent the heart of our mission – to support those with established ties to the community in finding a place to call home.

Spotlight on Homeowners

We are thrilled to share the stories of two remarkable individuals who achieved significant milestones as new homeowners. Broderick Thompson-Smith and Colette Haywood marked “firsts” for our organization, embodying the success and impact of the Home on the Westside program.

Broderick Thompson-Smith, with his unwavering dedication to his community, is the first WFF multi-family renter to transition to a HOTW homeowner, finding a place where he can continue his journey with a sense of ownership and pride. Colette Haywood, another trailblazer as the first legacy resident of Vine City to close on a HOTW home in the neighborhood, has secured a home that not only provides stability for her family but also represents a beacon of hope for others in the community.

Moving Toward a Mixed-Income Community

WFF’s flagship program Home on the Westside is designed to support those with live, work, or learn connections in staying rooted in the Westside with high-quality affordable housing and financial relief from rising property taxes – empowering legacy residents to continue calling these Westside neighborhoods home.

These efforts are steering the Westside toward becoming a more equitable mixed-income community. As we celebrate National Homeownership Month, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a thriving, inclusive, and resilient Westside for all residents.

Join us in celebrating these accomplishments and the stories of resilience and hope that define the Westside. Together, we are building a brighter future, one home at a time.

Learn more about Home on the Westside today at https://www.westsidefuturefund.org/homeonthewestside/