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Transform Westside Summit – January 19, 2018

Transform Westside Summit – January 19, 2018

Featured Presentation: Bruce Deel, City of Refuge

About City of Refuge: In July of 1997, Bruce Deel was asked to travel to Atlanta to assist with the closing of a church. After a few weeks into the process, Bruce realized something miraculous was happening. Instead of the congregation dwindling, it was growing with people in crisis and in desperate need of spiritual nurturing and opportunities to transform their lives. Eventually, Bruce Deel, his wife, and five daughters relocated to Atlanta and re-incorporated the former “Mission Possible” into City of Refuge.

By 2003, City of Refuge had experienced immense growth and needed a formal transformation headquarters. After months of searching, City of Refuge was miraculously donated a sprawling 200,000+ sq. ft. warehouse in the heart of the 30314 zip code in West Atlanta. Today, this state-of-the-art hub serves as the center of “Where Good Works.” Read more here.

About the Transform Westside Summit: Westside Future Fund’s Transform Westside Summit is held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month and is free and open to the public. Our audience includes a diverse group stakeholders. Longtime neighborhood residents, community and faith leaders, heads of non-profits and corporate executives come together to share success stories and discuss challenges that currently affect our Westside neighborhoods.

Meetings begin promptly at 7:15 a.m. with morning devotion,* presented by a member of the historic Westside community, and complimentary breakfast, provided by Summit sponsor Chick-fil-A.

Many in our community are driven by their spiritual faith to participate in the Westside revitalization effort. The time at the beginning of our meetings is an opportunity to share various inspirational reflections. While the speakers may articulate their personal faith, it is meant to be inclusive, inspiring and meaningful. All are welcome.