Making Connections, Making a Difference

Meet Rejoice Jones, founder of Vower, Inc.

One of the first steps toward securing a promising future is launching a career, and this can be a daunting task for many young folks who are just starting out. That’s why Westside resident Rejoice Jones founded Vower, Inc.

“Vower connects Black and Brown people with non-traditional employers like sole proprietors or companies with limited funding. We specifically support 16- to 30-year-olds, entry-level workers in high school and college or others who just want to find a job and build their resume,” says Rejoice.

Making the connection to employers easier for young people has been a game changer – especially for the Westside community. It’s one of the reasons why Westside Future Fund (WFF) named Vower a recipient of the Program Related Investments (PRI) program – to amplify the work Rejoice is doing to make a difference for young people who are finding their way.

Where the Money Resides

“Funds aren’t just raining down from the sky because of COVID and inflation, so the PRI program has provided gap funding that is getting us from point A to point B,” said Rejoice. “I think the program is brilliant, and I think more community foundations should offer something like it. PRIs build trust and teach fiscal responsibility because, when we pay the loan back, we can ask for more funding.”

PRIs are low-cost loans made with favorable terms to support the growth of minority enterprises. WFF provides these PRIs to small, minority-owned businesses that are based in or serving Atlanta’s Westside. They are unlike traditional banking institutions because PRIs offer a viable solution to organizations that are gaining traction and doing important work.

Networking Works

Networking is one way small business owners like Rejoice are making connections to keep doing meaningful work on the Westside. As a matter of fact, she started building her network by attending weekly Transform Westside Summit events hosted by WFF at The Gathering Spot before the pandemic.

Rejoice reflects on how she made her first few business deals thanks to networking at WFF events: “When I first started Vower, I went to the Westside Future Fund Summit event every Friday and it was standing room only. CEO John Ahmann passed around the mic and allowed us to introduce ourselves in 30 seconds or less. Being persistent at those meetings catapulted me into building a network in our community.”

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