All Hands On Deck; Urban Recipe’s Solution to Hunger

Urban Recipe was incorporated in 2001 but its roots in the community stem from the Georgia Avenue Church in 1990. Urban Recipe tackles hunger through community building via its co-op program. Food co-ops, which rely on community engagement to fulfill the food related needs of residents, are an innovative solution to fighting food insecurity while instituting a sense of dignity and belonging.

Jeremy Lewis, Founder of Urban Recipe

During an interview with Westside Future Fund, Urban Recipe Founder Jeremy Lewis spoke to the importance of community engagement in continuing the legacy of the food co-op. While most of Urban Recipe’s food items come from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, it’s the hands-on help of community volunteers and the earned trust of local residents which drive Urban Recipe’s day-to-day operations. As seen in the below video interview, a participant of Urban Recipe’s food co-op warmly reflects on the sense of family, community, and spiritual fulfillment that make Urban Recipe a beloved part of the Westisde. 

Urban Recipe encourages those looking to help fight food insecurity on the Westiside to donate or volunteer.