Atlanta Business Chronicle recognizes Historic Westside Revitalization with Best in Real Estate Award

The ongoing revitalization and investment activity in Atlanta’s Historic Westside neighborhoods of English Avenue, Vine City, Atlanta University Center and Ashview Heights was recognized as the “Best Overall Deal” in Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best in Atlanta Real Estate Awards Thursday evening.

Westside Future Fund accepted the award on behalf of the collective behind the holistic revitalization, which includes entities and individuals from across Atlanta’s public, private and nonprofit sectors.

“I’m accepting this award, but I did not earn this award…,” said John Ahmann, executive director of the Westside Future Fund. “…all the work going on in the four historic neighborhoods on the Westside is one big collective effort that I think really showcases what is best about Atlanta….The folks who earned this award are behind me along with many others who aren’t here now.”

WFF’s John Ahmann was joined onstage by Atlanta Housing Authority’s Catherine Buell, Chick-fil-A Foundation’s Carol Waddy, Ashview Heights Community Association’s Alvin Yarborough, Atlanta University Center Neighborhood Association’s Lyndon Greene and Just Us Neighborhood Association’s Lisa Stines as well as his WFF colleagues Jaren Abedania and Leigh Ann Groome.

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Header image by Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Byron Small.