Partner News: CHRIS 180, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and Quest Community Development Unveil New Home for Local Homeless Family

CHRIS 180, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, and Quest Community Development Organization have announced a new partnership and collaboration which culminated Friday with the unveiling of a new home for a local homeless family.

The unique partnership was formed to address the challenges of affordable housing in Atlanta and the need for homeless families to be safely off the streets.

All three organizations have a long-standing relationship with the historic Westside community, where the home is located.

According to the partners, the hope is that the home will not only provide stability and safety to the family, but will also provide an equitable, affordable housing model for sensitive populations. The partnership represents Atlanta Habitat’s expanded mission of revitalizing neighborhoods beyond its new home purchase and rehab programs. This house is the first of seven that will be built through the partnership.

The home, located in the historic English Avenue neighborhood, will act as bridge housing for a family of eight during the next 3-12 months while CHRIS 180 helps them move into a permanent home.

After the family successfully finds a permanent home, the house will be made available to another homeless family in need. An added benefit of the home’s location is its proximity to the At-Promise Center, an initiative of the Atlanta Police Foundation that provides personalized services for youth and families to help strengthen relationships between officers and the community. It also reduces the number of young people who negatively experience the criminal justice system.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have exemplary organizations like CHRIS 180, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and Quest Community Development Organization as partners in our work,” said Westside Future Fund’s John Ahmann. “Together, these organizations stand as a shining example of the power of collective impact. With their leadership and the caliber of support services they deliver, Westside Future Fund is better equipped to ensure that legacy residents can remain in the neighborhoods they call home for generations to come.”


About CHRIS 180
Since 1981, CHRIS 180 has transformed more than 65,000 lives. CHRIS 180 saves, serves, and protects traumatized children, adults, and families through solution-focused programming that empowers them to change the direction of their lives. This trauma informed approach enables people to reach their happiness, health, and success despite challenging circumstances. The name CHRIS 180 represents our core values: Creativity, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, and Safety. CHRIS 180’s ambition is to be Georgia’s go-to place where every child, young adult, or family who have experienced trauma learn how to recover, become resilient, and pivot toward a new future of hope and confidence. Learn more at or connect with us on Twitter at @CHRIS180_Change.

About Atlanta Habitat for Humanity
Atlanta Habitat for Humanity transforms communities through neighborhood revitalization, education, innovative development and partnerships. As one of the largest affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International, Atlanta Habitat has built more than 1,500 houses—impacting the lives of more than 5,500 family members and 168 neighborhoods—since 1983. In addition to constructing affordable, green, quality homes, the nonprofit homebuilder also rehabs existing structures and performs minor repairs for qualifying homeowners. Houses are sold to first-time homebuyers through zero-interest mortgages in Atlanta and South Fulton County. Visit

About Quest Community Development Organization
Quest Community Development Organization, Inc. (Quest) was founded in 2001 and its mission is “to develop affordable housing and provide needs-based community services to enhance the quality of life for underserved individuals and families.” Today, Quest has a portfolio that includes 5 commercial properties, 7 multi-family properties, and 22 single family homes or vacant properties. Through Quest’s humble beginnings as a homeless provider, the organization has expanded dramatically in recent years into an affordable housing developer. Quest seeks to play a central role in preserving housing affordability for very low-income residents and facilitate the provision of a variety of social services for its residents.