December 18th Virtual Transform Westside Summit Devotion with Nicole Riggins

Nicole Riggins, a mother, Clark Atlanta alumna, and entrepreneur, delivered the devotional message at the final Virtual Transform Westside Summit of 2020. Drawing inspiration from Jeremiah 31:16 in The Bible, Riggins offered encouragement to other Westside entrepreneurs looking to bring their dreams to fruition. Her message was simple: keep working, don’t be discouraged, and know that good efforts will pay off.

As a woman wearing many hats—Owner & CEO of Reality Check Empowerment Zone, Co-owner of Special Athletes of Metropolitan Atlanta, Director of Operations at Keeping Veterans Fit, and Go Team Chairperson at Hollis Innovation Academy—Nicole Riggins embodies the virtues of persistence and dedication to one’s goal as well as to a common good. As we close out this unquestionably difficult year, the message to keep moving forward is one that likely resonates with us all.

View Nicole Riggins’s devotional message below.