December 3rd Virtual Transform Westside Summit: Highlighting Fifth Third Bank and Its Transformational Investment on the Westside

The December 3rd Virtual Transform Westside Summit highlighted Fifth Third Bank GA’s transformational investment in Atlanta’s Westside community through its investment in Grove Park Foundation and Westside Future Fund. Featured panelists included: Randy Koporc, President & CEO, Fifth Third Bank GA; Gavin McGuire, Executive Director, Grove Park Foundation; John Ahmann, President & CEO, Westside Future Fund; and moderator, Benjamin Earley, WFF Correspondent, Redclay-Hill.

Randy Koporc, President & CEO, Fifth Third Bank GA

Randy Koporc shared details on Fifth Third Bank GA’s “$180 million investment across nine neighborhoods,” including Grove Park. The company has contributed resources towards improving financial literacy, advancing small businesses, and increasing equitable homeownership in the community.

Homeownership matters and historic neighborhoods matter,” said Koporc. “I can’t think of a better place to do it than the Westside of Atlanta.”

Gavin McGuire, Executive Director, Grove Park Foundation

Grove Park Foundation’s mission is revitalizing the Grove Park neighborhood and improving the quality of life by working with local partners, leaders and residents to create a healthy, equitable and vibrant community. Emphasizing the far reaching effect of Fifth Third Bank GA’s investment in equitable housing through the foundation, McGuire said,

Once that home is stabilized, then it’s a microcosm—then the community is stabilized…Once people are secure then they can serve their community. They can reach their dreams and they can go for their aspirations.”

Donate to Grove Park Foundation here.

John Ahmann, President & CEO, Westside Future Fund

John Ahmann spoke to the similar impact Fifth Third Bank GA continues to have on equitable housing on Atlanta’s Historic Westside through its investment in Westside Future Fund’s Home on the Westside program—which offers high-quality affordable housing, homeownership, and property tax relief for legacy residents.

It means that we can deliver more high-quality product that’s affordable,” said Ahmann. “We have literally hundreds of people that have qualified for Home on the Westside that want the rental, but we’re still developing product. We can’t develop that product affordably without philanthropy.”

Click here to donate to Westside Future Fund as it strives to make the Historic Westside a place Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to call home.