Progress from the Collective Effort: 970 Jefferson St. NW a Valuable Resource for Westside Residents amid Pandemic

970 Jefferson St. NW continues to prove a valuable resource for Westside residents in spite of construction at the newly purchased Westside Future Fund (WFF) facility being temporarily put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving as home base for Westside Volunteer Corps’ weekly food distribution effort, the site has already had a positive impact on WFF’s ability to efficiently serve Westside residents during an unprecedented time.

With Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) providing fresh and non-perishable food items, volunteers report to the facility every Thursday morning to sort, pack, and deliver groceries to hundreds of WFF multi-family tenants and legacy homeowners in the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund program who are currently dealing with food insecurity.

With plans to renovate the property to house affordable workspaces for entrepreneurs as well as other community-focused resources, WFF aims to ensure that long-time residents of the surrounding neighborhoods are well positioned to take advantage of the economic upswing that is likely to continue once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

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#COVID-19 has highlighted many of the systemic inequities that exist in every aspect of our society. For so many of our neighbors, especially those who are African American or low/no income earners, half the battle to overcoming these inequities is simply being seen, heard, and validated. Though the overall battle for equity won’t be won overnight, it can be won by everyday people choosing to stand together and doing what they can to improve the lives of those around them. That’s exactly what @acfb, our volunteers, and community activists continue to do each week, serving free fresh groceries to hundreds of #Atlanta’s Historic Westside households. To all those who participated in today’s effort, we thank you! And to all those who have been made to feel invisible, we see you, we hear you, and we will continue to do what we can to help make our beloved Westside a place we all can be proud to call home. Learn about future Westside volunteer opportunities via the link in our bio! . . . #together #stopthespread

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