Anti-Displacement Tax Fund

The Anti-Displacement Tax Fund For Legacy Homeowners

Home on the Westside is helping to disrupt the displacement of legacy homeowners due to rising property taxes. As part of the Home on the Westside initiative, legacy homeowners can register for the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund (ADTF) program. Sourced from philanthropic contributions, the program operates as a grant to individuals and does not require participants to pay back any funds.

Once enrolled, the homeowner will not have any increases in their existing property taxes paid by the ADTF program for up to 20 years. ADTF covers qualifying legacy homeowners in the English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights, Atlanta University Center, Just Us and Booker T. Washington communities.


Program Contact Info:

Program information and program inquiry forms will also be available for in-person pick-up at the Westside Future Fund office, located at 970 Jefferson Street NW, Atlanta, GA  30318. Learn more by reading the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund Press Release.


WFF has the trust of the Westside community, and we will all benefit from it. –Ebony, Vine City

Ebony and son in their Vine City home.


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