Unveiling Tomorrow’s Possibilities: Westside Future Fund Receives $500,000 Grant from T.D. Jakes Foundation and Wells Fargo For Our Next Chapter Campaign

ATLANTA, GA- Westside Future Fund (WFF) is thrilled to announce it has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the T.D. Jakes Foundation in collaboration with Wells Fargo. This transformative funding is part of a groundbreaking philanthropic investment of $9 million aimed at fostering community development initiatives nationwide.

The grant from the T.D. Jakes Foundation and Wells Fargo is a testament to the commitment of both organizations to address historical disparities and empower marginalized communities. WFF joins a select group of 16 community-based organizations across the United States that will leverage this funding to bring about positive change.

“This partnership allows both of our organizations to catalyze change in a myriad of sectors and to help craft better lives for those benefiting from the work of the T.D Jakes Foundation and other community organizations funded by the partnership. While our work is just beginning with Wells Fargo, this is a continuation of our organization’s commitment to providing financial literacy, career development opportunities and financial resources for underserved students and communities,” said T.D. Jakes, CEO of T.D. Jakes Group. “Disruption is the only solution to systemic inequality. Partnerships with impactful and relevant organizations enable us to provide even more opportunities to transform historically marginalized groups and areas across the entire nation.”

“To create transformational change, we need to collaborate simultaneously across the multitude of issues facing our communities,” said Darlene Goins, head of philanthropy and community impact at Wells Fargo. “With our philanthropic investment, Wells Fargo is aiming to expand the reach of the T.D. Jakes Foundation across housing, small business, and financial health to help tackle the complexities of the wealth gap.”

The funds have been awarded to WFF’s Our Next Chapter. The capital campaign aims to raise $55 million in philanthropic support, WFF will be able to build on this progress and leverage an additional $45 million in low-cost financing from its Impact Fund. An additional $10 million in public grants will help the organization finance:

  • 285 multifamily units, of which 185 will serve families at 60% Area Median Income (AMI) and less.
  • 225 single-family homes with accompanying income-qualified down-payment assistance, and
  • Supporting the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund to help legacy resident homeowners stay in the community

“We are honored to be a recipient of this generous grant from the T.D. Jakes Foundation and Wells Fargo,” said Rochelle Reeder, Chief Development Officer at Westside Future Fund. “This support allows us to get closer to our goal for Our Next Chapter campaign, enabling the work of WFF to restore the historic Westside to a vibrant mixed-income neighborhood that includes those with key community ties.”

The T.D. Jakes Foundation and Wells Fargo’s 10-year strategic partnership reflects a commitment to creating opportunities for historically underrepresented communities.

About Westside Future Fund

Westside Future Fund (WFF) is a community-based organization focused on holistic and equitable neighborhood revitalization on the historic Westside. Uniquely anchored in and inspired by its service footprint of English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights, Atlanta University Center, and Just Us, it serves those with live, work, learn connections by restoring quality of life and delivering access to affordable housing. Through its signature program Home on the Westside, WFF develops permanently affordable high-quality single-family residences and multifamily housing and empowers homeownership through financing assistance and property tax assistance for legacy residents. Learn more about how you can partner with WFF for Our Next Chapter.

About T.D. Jakes Group and Wells Fargo Partnership

The T.D. Jakes Group and Wells Fargo have joined forces in a 10-year strategic partnership to invest in transformational community development across America. This partnership, which includes a philanthropic investment of $9 million in grants from the T.D. Jakes Foundation aims to address economic disparities and empower underserved communities.