PwC Helps Westside Future Fund Maximize Program Engagement

Westside Future Fund (WFF) is dedicated to providing essential services to the historic Westside neighborhoods, but like any organization, it faces a unique set of challenges. One of the biggest has been balancing the need for community services with limited organizational staff resources.

Although WFF utilizes Salesforce CRM technology to manage program applicant data and volunteer-staffed events, the database became cluttered due to a small, often over-burdened team. This resulted in an over-reliance on manual processes, including emails and time-consuming reports.

To streamline operations and achieve optimal efficiency, WFF partnered with PwC to overhaul its CRM technology and improve database systems. The transformation was completed in 11 weeks, thanks to a comprehensive realignment of the Salesforce technology that centralized important data around volunteers, program applicants and donors.

The partnership between PwC and WFF went beyond solving technical issues. The organization’s staff also received personalized training, including live sessions, empowering them with critical new database and technical skills to maximize their ability to achieve their growth objectives.

“We developed a more seamless application process with PwC’s help. We now elicit more relevant responses from applicants and have significantly reduced manual touchpoints between applicants and Westside Future Fund staff to obtain the right information,” said John Ahmann, president and CEO of WFF. “Our team now spends more time helping applicants and less time sifting through duplicate data.”

With PwC’s help, WFF is now well-equipped to continue serving the Westside and fulfilling their mission to transform the community into one that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to call home.

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