Renovated Multi-Family Developments Prepare for Ribbon-Cuttings

In the coming weeks, Westside Future Fund’s (WFF) Home on the Westside program is set to complete two multi-family development projects in the historic English Avenue neighborhood. Located just a few blocks apart at 356 James P. Brawley Drive and 400 Paines Avenue, the two high-quality, affordable housing developments will provide 14 new residential units to local legacy residents.

The transformation of these two-story complexes from abandoned, blighted buildings to modern, multi-family developments is a testament to the power of community investment and support. The fresh coats of paint and sparkling new windows in place of what were once wooden boards are just the beginning of the upgrades made to these buildings. Inside, the units are equipped with new appliances and clean, sizable living spaces.

Upon completion, WFF will host ribbon cutting ceremonies alongside community members and philanthropic partners to celebrate the completion of these units.

Two additional multi-family developments are in the works with estimated completion dates later this year. They will add 19 more units, bringing the 2023 total to 33 high-quality, affordable multifamily housing units.

Early next month, the program will welcome Colette as its newest homeowner. Colette will be closing on her Westside home at 659 Foundry Street on May 5. The beautiful new home is a short two-block walk to Rodney Cook Sr. Park. 

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