Resident’s Round-Up

As part of Home on the Westside this year, Westside Future Fund placed several families in affordable rental single-family homes in historic English Avenue.

Ladonna Jackson has been in her home for two years, and having a place to call her own feels even more special during the holiday season.

“When we first were told we have a 4 bedroom/4 bath house, we danced the whole night away. We are truly blessed after being homeless for 10 years. We have been in our home since 2019, and it still feels like we just moved in. Part of the holiday fun is decorating our home together. God is truly amazing and we owe it all to Him. Thanks Westside Future Fund for allowing us to live in this home. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!”

Monnica Taylor joins Ladonna Jackson in English Avenue and says, “Our home has always been our happy place as long as we have each other. However, this year it is on a different level. I have dreamed about good things happening to people –  and my dreams are really coming true! Christmas is our absolute favorite holiday and we’ve enjoyed putting our decorations up. We will never forget the kindness and support that have been shown to each of us. Everyone involved has my family’s deepest thanks.”