Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Nosha Harwell

Revitalizing our community is a team effort, one that relies heavily on the support of our many incredible volunteers. To thank them for their hard work and dedication, we shine a light on people who actively support our mission.

This month, we honor Nosha Harwell. See what inspires him to give her time as a volunteer for Westside Future Fund.

Q: How did you first hear about the Westside Future Fund?

A: I met John Ahmann while he was jogging on the Beltline near the beginning of the COVID-19 era and I was giving out hand sanitizer via my company Pureneed. He asked me how much my sanitizer was and I told him it was free. Then he asked, “How much will 50 bottles cost?I would like to give them to the homeless.” I was shocked and excited at the same time.

I only had 48 bottles, so Ibottled the last two while he was standing there. He told me all about Westside Future Fund, and the rest is history. Ever since then, I have made it my business to pay it forward by volunteering.

Q: What is your favorite part about serving with the WFF Volunteer Corp?

A: My favorite part about serving with the WFF Volunteer Corps is being a part of something bigger than myself. WFF brings different people together to work as a team. Plus, I enjoy getting out of the house, meeting my neighbors, setting goals, and accomplishing them.

Q: What inspires you about this service opportunity?

A: It’s the feeling I get from helping others that keeps me coming back. Knowing that I have the power to change lives and serve the community means a lot to me. And I’m inspired by the chance to be a part of the rebuilding and development of the historic Westside.

Q: What do you want others to know about the Westside Future Fund and why it’s so important?

A:  WFF puts smiles on many faces. They’re like angels sent from heaven, and they need everyone’s help rebuilding underdeveloped communities like the Westside of Atlanta. Our community can count WFF because they provide us with hope. It’s important that communities have leaders and organizations like this to move toward a brighter future.