Our mission to revitalize the Westside is powered by the giving hearts of our amazing volunteers throughout the year. This month, we honor Thomas McCarron, a committed member of the Westside Future Fund (WFF) Volunteer Corps. See what inspires him to help us make a difference in the community.

Q: How did you first hear about the Westside Future Fund?

A: Several years ago, I became involved with Gilgal Women’s shelter through the Adult Mission Ministry of my church. This was my first experience of close engagement with homelessness and addiction issues in our city. It was so impactful to me to witness the journey of life and recovery in these women that it became a personal commitment to volunteer in Atlanta’s Westside. Subsequent engagement with City of Refuge led me to an introduction to John Ahmann and Westside Future Fund.

Q: What is your favorite part of serving with the WFF Volunteer Corp?

A: I so enjoy the mission and camaraderie of the WFF team members. Everyone has a similar passion for service and giving to others. Equal to that is the genuine gratitude of our Westside residents for the assistance in all aspects that WFF provides. From serving meals  and neighborhood cleanups to the extensive social support of WFF, I have always experienced kindness and a wonderful spirit from those that we serve.

Q: What inspires you about this service opportunity?

A: My inspiration is driven by a personal calling of giving to others. It is so true that in giving, we receive so much more. Every time I come to the Westside community, I feel a sense of pride for our residents and for our city as a whole. Incredible progress is being made to improve lives and services throughout the community.

Q: What do you want others to know about the WFFand why it’s so important?

A: The sheer number of services that WFF provides to residents astounds me. I view WFF as a passionate group of experts in coordinating all aspects of social improvement throughout the community. Wherever a person’s talents or interests lie, Westside Future Fund provides limitless opportunity to learn, engage and contribute to all areas of improvement in one of our most beloved and historical communities.