Westside Future Fund Brings Home on the Westside to Spelman College

Westside Future Fund (WFF) recently hosted an information session about our signature program, Home on the Westside (HOTW), on the campus of Spelman College. The event was hosted with support from Dena Terrell, Training and Development Program Manager at Spelman College to educate college faculty on their opportunity to “live and work” on the Westside. Our program aims to advance a compassionate approach to neighborhood revitalization by developing high-quality, permanently affordable multi-family units, new or renovated single-family homes, and provide property tax relief for legacy residents.

Home on the Westside includes community retention guidelines, which prioritize people with “live, work, and learn” connections to the Westside. As faculty members within the Atlanta University Center, one of five neighborhoods in WFF’s footprint, Spelman College faculty are eligible to participate in HOTW.

“When people come to WFF to learn about opportunities to purchase a home, we want them to know that we have a whole team to support them at each stage of the process,” said Tameka Askew, WFF’s Home on the Westside Manager. “From financial planning and counseling to lending and purchasing we meet people where they are.”

WFF works with Operation HOPE to provide financial counseling for people who are interested in the homebuying process, as well as the On the Rise Financial Center, which helps build financial well-being for individuals, families, and small businesses within the Vine City, English Avenue, and Castleberry communities as well as the greater City of Atlanta.

this includes an onsite counselor who is available to meet with individuals at WFF’s HQ located at 970 Jefferson Avenue. Additionally, we work with a realtor and lender to help potential homeowners understand purchasing costs, down payment assistance and learn more about the Westside community. WFF offers “last-dollar” down payment assistance to help families purchase WFF-sponsored homes. WFF down payment assistance can go up to $60,000 and is based on your annual household income.

WFF plans to host additional information sessions about out program throughout the Atlanta University Center. You can learn more about Home on the Westside here.