Westside Future Fund Celebrates Opening Of Three Multifamily Properties in English Avenue

Westside Future Fund (WFF) is celebrating a milestone in its creation of quality affordable housing units on the historic Westside with the opening of three of its multifamily properties in English Avenue.  These openings represent 21 new units of quality affordable housing in these neighborhoods. The 21 new high-quality affordable housing units are in addition to WFF’s existing portfolio of 181 units and represent over $30 million worth of investment in multifamily projects completed, and underway.

WFF is a place-based nonprofit dedicated to advancing a compassionate and equitable approach to neighborhood revitalization of five historic Westside neighborhoods: English Avenue, Vine City, Atlanta University Center, Ashview Heights, and Just Us. WFF’s signature program, Home on the Westside, enables residents with live, work, and learn connections to these neighborhoods to rent, buy, and retain high-quality affordable housing.

Each of the newly opened multifamily properties includes 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units in fully rehabbed existing buildings. The building sites were previously blighted and vacant. They have been renovated instead of torn down to preserve the historic character of the community.  Additionally, each property has an ADA-accessible unit. Rents for these apartments will serve people at 60 percent area median income (AMI) or less, and all of the projects will feature Homeflex project-based rental assistance from Atlanta Housing.

As a sponsor of the Westside Land Use Framework Plan, which was adopted unanimously by the Atlanta City Council in 2017, WFF seeks to create affordable housing to help rebuild the community. With all its housing development, WFF supports Mayor Dickens’ goal of building and preserving 20,000 affordable housing units in the city. WFF aligns with the administration’s commitment to “development without displacement” by prioritizing residents with key “live, work, and learn” connections to the historic Westside.

“Given our service footprint, and commitment to preserving quality affordable housing on the historic Westside, WFF has made significant investments in English Avenue and Vine City since 2018,” said John Ahmann, WFF’s President & CEO. “I’m excited to share our progress towards the needs of the community and Mayor Dickens’ vision for the future of our great city.”

The three multifamily properties are located at:

  • 356 James P. Brawley Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30314 (8 units)

  • 400 Paines Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30314 (6 units)

  • 613 Echo St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 (7 units)

WFF is currently developing an additional 104 high-quality, affordable housing units, in both new construction projects and substantial project rehabs, throughout its service footprint.

WFF’s mission to advance a compassionate approach to equitable revitalization is achieved through the support of our philanthropic partners. The organization has launched Our Next Chapter, a capital fundraising campaign to accelerate its ability to create affordable housing for legacy and future residents of the historic Westside and to restore these storied neighborhoods as part of the fabric of Atlanta. Become a part of Our Next Chapter.