A Bright Future for Home on the Westside

Of all of the incredible work Westside Future Fund does every day, one of the organization’s most important efforts is ensuring that legacy residents and people who are connected to the Westside have access to affordable housing.

Tameka Askew manages the Home on the Westside, a program that focuses on community retention for people who have ties to the Historic Westside. We help Westside residents live in the place they love by connecting them with the right housing and education support and strengthening the community they call home.

“We placed an Atlanta Police officer and his family this summer, and they’re the first family with children to purchase one of our affordable homes,” says Tameka. “We also placed a Morehouse School of Medicine professor who has been in the community for quite some time – and he believes it’s important to remain in the Westside community,” said Askew.

More homes for more people are on the horizon as the program continues to grow.

“Ten homes are being developed – four will be complete by the end of 2022 and the remaining six will be done by the beginning of next year. Some multifamily units will also be available in the Spring,” says Tameka. “The demand for housing, especially renting, is extremely high. We have a long waitlist because people are actively seeking affordable housing.”

In some cases, people who are farther down the waitlist may not be able to get into a home quickly, so Tameka can refer them to other affordable housing options thanks to her years of experience in the community and her connections to resources.

Askew isn’t new to helping people. She worked as a social worker and a therapist for more than 25 years, and 15 of those years were dedicated to housing. For her, the mission of the Westside Future Fund is something that she connects with personally.

“I love building rapport with people, holding their hands and giving them someone who is like their personal coach through the homebuying process,” says Tameka. “I also love doing work in the community and getting to know what our residents want and need.”