Volunteer Spotlight: Justin Mah, LOVE ATLANTA Project

Revitalizing our community is a team effort, one that relies heavily on the support of our many incredible volunteers. To thank them for their hard work and dedication, we will shine a light on people who actively support our mission.

This month, we honor Justin Mah, a long-time LOVE ATLANTA volunteer. See what inspires him to give his time.

Q: How did you first hear about the Westside Future Fund?

A: I first heard about the Westside Future Fund through Passion City Church. Each year around late June, Passion City hosts LOVE ATLANTA week, where they partner with various organizations throughout the city that champion the city of Atlanta. I was the onsite coordinator for a community clean up with the Westside Future Fund in 2021 and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Raquel, Genora and Robyn. I’ve been serving with WFF on a monthly basis with their community clean up since leading that project.

Q: What is your favorite part of serving with the WFF Volunteer Corp?

A: My favorite part is seeing the transformation of the areas that we have served. It warms my heart when nearby residents come by to let us know their appreciation for taking time out of our weekend to clean up and beautify their neighborhood. I also enjoy seeing the WFF staff members who show up each month to lead each project. I enjoy the friendships that I have built with them over the past year as we make a positive impact on the Westside. They also provide Capri Sun® which is a bonus!

Q: What inspires you about this service opportunity?

A: I love being part of the process of restoring and renewing the neighborhoods the Westside Future Fund serves. Each opportunity is a glimpse of the transformation of these neighborhoods. I live on the Upper Westside, and I want the surrounding areas to know that they are seen and will be taken care of, whether that be cutting down overgrowth or removing and cleaning up trash that has been dumped there.

Q: What do you want others to know about the Westside Future Fund and why it’s so important?

A: The Westside Future Fund is a wonderful organization that seeks to champion the residents of English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights, and Atlanta University Center. Atlanta is a beautiful city that I am proud to call home, but there are still pockets of this city that seem forgotten or overlooked. I wish to see those that have called the Westside their home for many years remain residents for years to come, while still being able to be a part of the change that comes into their area. I feel that it is crucial to break the cycle of poverty that strickens these residents and provide them with opportunities and access so that they can build a foundation for success and flourish.